Legend Of Mir HispaRed – The New Age


We are proud to present Legend of Mir HispaRed The New Age, an online game MMORPG to play exclusively through the Internet. Set in a ‘fantastic-medieval’ age, you’ll be immersed in a magical world of spells, weaponry, adventure, crusades, conquests and epic challenges

You can choose from 5 different classes: a formidable warrior, a powerful wizard, a keen taoist, a ruthless assasin, and a skilled archer. In addition you will have different specializations that will allow you to personalize your character to your game metod, developing different roles.

It is especially noteworthy how important it is in this game the collaboration between the different classes, which encourages a great collaboration between different players, where ‘hunting’ in a group is not an option, it is a necessity. It is a game where its strong point is its incalculable addiction, immerses you in a world that will take you to spend hours of entertainment and fun in abundance.

Learning new spells, improving your level, obtaining better weapons and objects, exploring its great mapping, defeating increasingly fearsome and powerful enemies, participating in fierce sieges and participating in fierce combat against other players, are just some of its many attractions.

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Legend Of Mir HispaRed Online Game

Cambios del Día 09-10-17

Durante la inspección del día de hoy se han realizado los siguientes cambios en Legend Of Mir HispaRed: Se han corregido distintos errores que causaban que el cliente pusiera el volumen de la música al máximo. Se ha corregido un error que dejaba almacenar objetos que no debia. Se ha …

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Legend Of Mir HispaRed Online Game

Evento Sorpresa Ape Escape 08-10-17

En el día de hoy domingo 8 de noviembre del 2017 vamos a realizar en el juego online Legend Of Mir HispaRed un evento sorpresa a las 18:00. En esta ocasión se trata del simpático evento llamado Ape Escape, caracterizado por la cantidad de EXP obtenida a lo largo de …

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Juego Online Legend Of Mir HispaRed

Evento Viernes Noche 06-10-17

Como de costumbre este fin de semana en el juego online Legend Of Mir HispaRed, vamos a realizar distintos eventos y actividades, empezando por un evento de EXP x4 que se activará esta noche de viernes a las 23:59 para finalizar el próximo domingo a las 23:59. Además se realizarán …

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