Legend Of Mir HispaRed Online Game

New Lore Extended Legend Of Mir HispaRed

With the departure of the story mode of the online game Legend Of Mir Hispared “The new age”, we have expanded the lore or story of the game to give a background to what is happening.

For that reason we have decided to create a news with the lore that had initial where it is explained that it happened from the version of the past game until the date.

We hope you like it.

Since the seals of power that locked up the Dragon Demons, among them the powerful EvilMir, began to weaken the fate of the Mir world was set off to disaster, despair and destruction of everything that was known.

For this reason, the Arcane Masters convened a summit, where the most powerful of all times would meet.

As a result, they decided to use a forbidden rune that would enable them to manipulate the space-time, ultimately allowing them to perform a trip to the past. Their plan was to banish these infernal creatures to another plane, preventing them to interfere with the current line of time. This way they would avoid wasting unnecessary resources without being a final solution, saving the world in the process.

Due to the large amount of power used to perform this feat, and the change caused in the line of time, all the group had to sacrifice themselves, as they did not have enough power to return to the present, nor there was any present to return to.

They used their lives to help the people of that time, becoming heroes and legends in turn. In this chronicle we will focus in this new dawn; we present Legend of Mir “The New Age”.

Hundreds of years have passed since the arcane masters of the future past liberated this land from the 7 great dragons.

Now, once again, a new force of evil has resurfaced, a new dark lord who yearns for power and total control over everything.

Day after day new zones are corrupted and new creatures never seen dominated by hatred and rancor appear.

One of the most powerful sorcerers on this earth, has glimpsed a vision where the power of the ancient dark dragon EvilMir and his 6 allies did not disappear from this world, was divided and hid in front of everyone. Remaining in a state of lethargy until now.

In the vision he saw how the forces of the 7 dark dragons incarnated into a new being, a new dark lord with the body of a golden dragon.

Now it responds to the name of Tianlong, the new emperor of darkness.

What will happen to all of us?