Legend Of Mir HispaRed Online Game

New Black Leopard Promotion Legend Of Mir HispaRed

We present in the online game Legend Of Mir HispaRed the new Black Leopard mascots that give their master a superior buff compared to the Blue Tiger.

On this occasion we present 5 new models of pets that will boost the minimum and maximum of AC, MR, DC, MC and SC of the players who want to take one.

The Black Leopard are already available from our Game Shop within the game.

As a special promotion for all players who have a Blue Tiger, they can exchange their old pet for the equivalent version of the new level 1 Black Leopard, with a special discount through a new NPC called Barry that you can find in the Bichon Wall center .

This promotion will end on Friday, March 9, 2018, always leaving the option to purchase one of these new frames from the Game Shop at its normal cost.

All those who benefit from this promotion should read the rules dictated in the NPC. Anyone who does not read them and has a problem with any loss of objects equipped to your old mount can not claim anything about it. So please read the rules well before proceeding to a change.

In case that you need more detailed information about this new proposal, you can contact us using our contact form. We will attend  you as best as possible and will try to resolve any doubts you could have about it.