Legend Of Mir HispaRed Online Game

Legend Of Mir HispaRed Changes made on 08-05-18

During the inspection of today the following changes have been made in online game Legend Of Mir HispaRed:

  • Added two new areas called: AntCave and CraftingVillage.
  • Added new npcs for crafting armor of more than level 100.
  • The option to create MysteryWater in the potions selling NPC has been removed, and this function has been added to the new NPC of CraftingVillage.
  • The NPC Traveler is enabled to go to Crafting Village only during the weekend.
  • Added new missions for the AntCave area in the SerpentVillage NPC BountyHunter.
  • Added new objects for crafting armor.
  • Added new craftable armor for all classes.
  • Several serious errors have been fixed.

In case that you need more detailed information about any of the changes made, you can contact us using our contact form. We will attend  you as best as possible and will try to resolve any doubts you could have about it.