Legend Of Mir HispaRed Online Game

Legend Of Mir HispaRed Changes made on 11-09-18

During the inspection of today the following changes have been made in online game Legend Of Mir HispaRed:

  • Fixed access to the entrance of the DevilKing abode.
  • A reference has been added to the missions to know where to deliver each of them to receive their reward.
  • Corrected the graphic error of the “Alean” armors of taoist and assassin.
  • Fixed the error that HP, MP and HellTalisman potions had when they were on the ground.
  • The relevance of the Matters has been increased, being these more important when attacking and defending.
  • The SoulBound has been removed from the mounts (tigers).
  • The possibility of selling, changing and sending by mail fishing rods equipped with accessories and mounts equipped with accessories has been added.
  • Added new zone manager for levels 25 in OmaCave called EvilVampire.
  • Updated the mission called Reaper of Souls adding this new boss.
  • Added new mission for levels 25 where it is proposed to hunt the EvilVampire, this mission is available from the NPC Sensei of Bichon Wall.
  • Fixed minor errors.

In case that you need more detailed information about any of the changes made, you can contact us using our contact form. We will attend  you as best as possible and will try to resolve any doubts you could have about it.