Legend Of Mir HispaRed Online Game

Account Security

The security of your accounts is the most important in one online game. This secction is designed to explain how to keep your account safe.

The most popular ways to compromisse your account are:

  • Emails or fake webs that try to supplant identity.
  • Download ilegal modificantion of the game client, applications set to cheat in the game.
  • Shared accounst with third persons for leveling, hunting…

Showing up next more information will be explained of how to mantain your security.


Mantain your windows system updated.

Ensure that your system is safe. it´s recommended to update frecuently through the  Windows Update. You must have installed al the critical and high priority updates. Be sure that you run couple of times the update system to get it completely updated, requiring sometimes restarts and patches installation.


False Emails and webs.

Those are made by people who plays trying to supplant the identity of the administration. It works asking to the players their account data, then your data could finish in a data base to be stolen.

This kind of tricks ask for the ID and password of your account. You have to have in mind that the administration of HispaRed never will ask for those details, it´s in our data base.

You have to introduce you logging data only in:

  • The access screen to the game.
  • Management pages in our official web page finished always on hispared.org

If you are not sure of being browsing in our official page of the online game hispared.org you can acces manually and check if it´s a safe area.


Addons, Cheats, Mods downloading for online game.

Viruses, trojans and keyloggers can stole all your passwords, and many other things that you have compromised when installing a non-FAIR application to your computer.

.exe’s are applications that you install in your computer after downloading them. Is not the same as opening a folder. You can be sure if the file is an executable file, just take a look at its extension, which will be .EXE. Also you can right-click on it and click on properties and you’ll see if it’s an application.

Hackers usually introduce viruses and keyloggers into .EXE files, trying to make them more ‘sexy’ and making people execute them on their computers.

Most found issues in fake programs:

  • Gold creation programs.
  • Item creation and duplicate items.
  • Teleport programs or things related to teleport or speed in game.
  • Cheats which provide hidding, transparency or GodMode.

Most of those programs (if they work) commit a violation of our Terms and Conditions, and your account will be suspended or banned for ever.

The main thing to advice is that never believe in .EXE’s you don’t know its origin.


Sharing your data with other people.

Unfortunately, our Staff members deal with many account sharing troubles as for exaple, items sold, deleted characters, items lost, etc.

Many small robbery cases still happening because the account owner, shares his information to some other people.

We aren’t saying that you don’t have to trust your friend, but some relationship could finish with many bad purpouses, and if you have shared your password or data, you can be PokerFaced.

That’s not as bad as the ones who share his info to other players to have a faster Exp gain, it becomes a violation of our Terms and Conditions and accounts involved could be banned.

Sharing account could mean to lose everything you have ben fighting for, or donating for. Be smart and don’t do it!


Retrieve an stolen password.

If you notice that you aren’t able to enter your account, first step to do is Retrieve with associated email. You’ll find that option in Account Management section from our site.


Making your PC secure for the future.

Also when you retrieve your lost password or account, you may exterminate keylogger or trojan from your computer to make sure you won’t lose it again.

You account security depends on how much secure your PC is. Thas’s really important to avoid Hackers or Mad programs.