Legend Of Mir HispaRed Online Game

Rules and Notices

Rules for use this online game

Following rules must be respected by all Legend Of Mir HispaRed online game players.

  1. Using cheats or things related will be unaccepted by Staff.
  2. If a bug is found, players have the duty of report to GMs and not to use it for its own benefit .
  3. The one who hides information about that practice (bug finding) will be punished aswell.
  4. PVP and PK is allowed aswell as item stoling (Is not the same as account robbery).
  5. GameMasters variety names won’t be allowed (GMs).
  6. Respect GMs and listen to them.
  7. Don’t ask how to become a GM or Administrator.
  8. No BOTS allowed, any account finded botting will be banned.
  9. Don’t disturb GMs, unless you are sure that your problem can’t be solved by yourself.
  10. Don’t disturb GMs asking for Items or Gold.
  11. Be respectfull with your language.
  12. Characters which name is similar with GMs, will be banned.
  13. Don’t spam or promote other Servers or Games.
  14. Anyone is forced to play. So we aren’t responsible of any damage done by long time playing.
  15. No one force any player to donate.
  16. Donations won’t be retrieved by any circumstance. Must be done by 18 year old people.
  17. Players can obtain different services by donations, it doesn’t mean in any sense, that they have bough it or sell it.
  18. Money donated origin is unknown in every donation, for that reason HispaRed has no responsability about this origin.
  19. HispaRed Staff won’t give any explanation about what’s being done with donations money.
  20. HispaRed Staff has own right of admission in all cases.
  21. Items obtained are property from HispaRed staff, and can be removed or quited in any moment with no explanation.
  22. HispaRed Staff undestarded as all GMs and Admins of the game.
  23. Unknowing rules does’t mean you haven’t to accomplish it.


Main announcements for players.

  1. Never use your HispaRed ID or Pass in other servers.
  2. Change your password once a month if its possible.
  3. Don’t share your data to others, because in case of robbery you won’t have any Staff support.
  4. Avoid to trade with your account with other players because you can be pokerfaced.
  5. Kill and robering is part of the game, although isn’t well seen it’s full accepted as a part of the game.
  6. Different FAKE images from FAKE servers named “hispared” are shown on the internet, just to try to destroy what we have create with a lot of effort and time. Don’t take them into account
  7. Here in HispaRed we are fully legal, and we NEVER, we mean NEVER, share peronal data or information. Trust just on what you can see and prove.
  8. FAKE mail account are being created to stole ID and Pass, trust just in accounts like info@hispared.org .
  9. Admins aren’t responsible about account robbery unless can be proved that information has been shared by us.
  10. Everyone is responsible of its account.
  11. Support will be given to players just with the associated mail account, at the same time this account won’t be changed unless an order is given from it.
  12. Player can ask for his passwrod in case that web services are useless and just using associated mail account .
  13. This game is adressed to 18 years old players; any under 18 player will be under parents or tutors vigilance.
  14. Unknowing rules does’t mean you haven’t to accomplish it.

If you enter the game, it means that you have read terms and you are agree with them.