Legend Of Mir HispaRed Online Game

How to get Credits

Thanks to the contributions donated to this proyect Legen Of Mir HispaRed Online Game, we offer a quantity of credits to thanks the contribution that can be used on our Game Shop to get some items of high utility into the game.

Those are the quantities of credits that you will get with your donations:

  • 5€ -> 500 Credits
  • 15€ -> 1500 Credits + 200 of bonus (aditional 13%)
  • 30€ -> 3000 Credits + 600 of bonus (aditional 20%) Most used!
  • 60€ -> 6000 Credits + 1500 of bonus (aditional 25%) Best offer!

*From 60€ the bonuses will be a 25% aditional of the quantity!

To make a donation to the proyect HispaRed you can do via next methods:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Western Union

For this you must make a deposit to the following bank account, providing, in the subject the name of your character in the game. Thanks to this fact we can recognize your account and set the Credits. Then you will be able to enjoy the special services provided for those credits.

The bank account if you live in Spain is:

  • Account number -> Account "BBVA": 0182 5630 11 0201579765
  • Title -> Francisco Galiano Baixauli

The code of the bank account if you live outside Spain is:

  • IBAN -> ES72 0182 5630 11 0201579765 SWIFT -> BBVAESMM

If you wish you can also make a donation through the well-known PayPal system.

Method 1: In the case of having a personal paypal account, you can use the following button to make your contribution.

Notice: Do not check the box "Make payment for a product or service", since otherwise a fee of 4% will be applied, and therefore the donated contribution will not be received in an integrated way.


Method 2: In the case of having a personal paypal account, associated to a European bank account, you can send your contribution from the section "Send money to friends or relatives", to the following email: donaciones@hispared.org


Method 3: If you do not have a personal paypal account you can use your credit card and make your contribution through this other button:

Notice: With this third method we are subtracted 4% of the total contribution, therefore the contribution in Credits will be compensated depending on the total contribution received.

If you don't have a credit card, you are from outside Spain and wish to make a donation can be done via Western Union.

You must have to approach to the nearest branch and indicate the information they ask for shipping. Then send an email to donaciones@hispared.org indicating your:

  • Name
  • City
  • Country
  • Quantity donated
  • Number provided by Western Union Shipping
  • Name of your character in the game.

The facts you require are:

  • Full name of Beneficiary -> Francisco Galiano Baixauli
  • Town and Country of destination -> Tarragona, Spain

Then we leave a direct link to the branch locator, so that you can find your nearest branch in the simplest way possible:

Branch Locator Western Union

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