Legend Of Mir HispaRed Online Game

Legend Of Mir Online PC Game Downloads

To Download on your computer and be able to play the game Legend Of Mir HispaRed – The New Age, you must download the client following the link below «Download».

Once you have download the installer, you must run as Administrator and follow the next steps, you will see that is really easy and confortable, once it is installed run de acces created on your desktop, a launcher will start and by itself will download all the data necessary to play. When the button in the midle («plays«) shows as green, you will be able to beging your adventure.

To begin your adventure, you have to create an account from the client downloaded before, filling and small formulary. If you try to run the game by the play button shows as green and a black window appear instead of the game, you must follow next steps:

  • 1. Step, Check if you have installed the Microsoft Framework 4.5 or above, If not you must download and install it.
  • 2. Step, download and install the  SDKBundle.
  • 3. Step, Update your windows to the last version.

In case of not being allowed to install the SDK bundle that has been mentioned before try to:

  • 1. Solution: Donwload and install the next microsoft bundle, try to reinstall the SDK Bundle.
  • 2. Solution: In case of not get it with the 1. Solution, you must uninstall the Microsoft C++2010 redistributables, and try to reinstall the SDK Bundle.

For any enquiery or doubt about it, you can contact us following the next link: Contact.



  • Client
  • Utilities
  • Drivers
  • Requirements
Legend Of Mir HispaRed Online Game

Download the full game client online Legend Of Mir Hispared The New Age with all last updates to be able t play without any problems.

We recommend to have installed Microsoft Framework 4.5 or superior.

TeamSpeak 3 client adapted for the server that we are currently offering. If you want to communicate by voice with other players, install the software and follow the guide referred to this service in our section devoted to it.

Following we leave a collection of shortcuts driver providers of the most used and common graphics cards nowadays.

Minimum Requirements
Optimal Requirements
Higher than Celeron 43
Pentium III 800
3D Graphics Support
3D Graphics Support
DirectX compatible sound
DirectX compatible sound
Upper than DirectX 8.0
Internet Connection
Upper than 56K
Broadband (ADSL, Cable, etc.)
Operating system
Microsoft Windows 7 + Framework 4.5
Microsoft Windows 10 + Framework 4.6
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