Legend Of Mir HispaRed Online Game

Compensation Event Legend Of Mir HispaRed 17-08-18

Due to the problem caused by the changes applied tonight, we are going to hold a compensation event ahead of the events scheduled for this weekend. Instead of starting at 23:59, it will begin at 5:30 p.m., adding an additional SP x 4 event.

From here we thank the players who have sent us an email notifying the problem caused, so we will send a gift to the main characters of these players for their help.

We hope that this situation does not happen again and we feel what happened, thank you all for your patience and support.

In case that you need more detailed information about any of the changes made, you can contact us using our contact form. We will attend  you as best as possible and will try to resolve any doubts you could have about it.

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