Legend Of Mir HispaRed Online Game

Changes of the Special Summer Solstice Event Legend Of Mir HispaRed

We have been listening to the proposals of the players, and with the intention that everyone can get the great rewards we offer in the Summer Solstice event of the online game Legend Of Mir HispaRed, the amount of LegendaryBar has been reduced to only 3000 in place of 8500.

We hope that everyone is happy and encouraged to try to complete this hard but valued mission that we propose.

If for any reason you have any doubt about the game, you can contact us through our contact form. We will attend to you as best and as quickly as possible, and we will try to help you.

We are always very aware of your contributions in suggestions, sending screenshots and other actions in which you can contribute, we encourage you to do by sending us, for example your screenshots so that we can include them in social networks. For this, it would be enough to send them to the following email address info@hispared.org.